Brilliant laser cut wood hinge


i think this is a brilliant example of how laser technology can transform the “2D” into the 3D. I can’t see any reason why the GF couldn’t replicate similar results. Seems like an awesome Laser Thursday project @dan


Acrylic Folding

A friend of mine just used an Epilog to do something similar, in a way that could do compound curves (curving both laterally and horizontally) and it turned out amazing. This is totally something the Glowforge could do, as it only relies on your design skills to control how it bends.

Check this page out:



Cool! Want me to print one on a GF?



Wow, this is really cool, I’ve never see something like this before. Might be really neat for a flat folding book or iPad stand.



Yes, please! I bet owners and potential backers would also really like seeing videos from “Laser Thursdays,” mentioned in another topic.



YES! It would make for quite the showcase piece. You guys haven’t featured anything like it.

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Very nice work BUT keep in mind that this probably required a few dozen tests to get the spacing correct between the thin cuts as well as the thickness of the voids. Every material will be different and bending like this will require different types of cuts (I imagine) to be made depending on the kind of abuse it will have to take.



I can respond with experience on the need to customize your cut to your material. I downloaded a flex cut box design off thingiverse to try out on our laser cutter right after we finally got it operational. And the plywood we did it on at first worked marvelously, though the hinges broke shortly after letting the kids play with it, and the tab fits were a bit stiff since the plywood didn’t stretch out as easily as the material the design was made for.

Then I used the exact same cut on some much thinner acrylic, and the corners broke almost immediately when I tried to flex around the 90 degree corners for the box.



Please cut one Dan.
My other half is a book-binder/conservator. One of the reasons that we ordered the GF is for use in the business.



I’m thinking a candle holder or lamp shade out of one of these would be killer, because mesmerizing patterns plus light, and would never have to go through any stress after the first bend :slight_smile:

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