Seen this pop up on my news feed today. It is pretty amazing how powerful the devices we all have and use every day actually are.


This had me all kinds of excited until I realized it was $250 a year to be able to do anything with it!


Try OnShape if you want a mobile modeler.
Free for up to 10 private models and unlimited public.
I have used it on my phone, although admittedly it was just to show someone a model.


They could have designed some incredibly complex widget to promote their product but chose to go with a garlic press. My kind of people!


If anyone knows of something like this for android, I’d be interested.


@glen Try Onshape - it runs as an app in Android and Apple and in a browser in Mac, Windows, and Linux. It’s more for mechanical designs more than artsy ones, though,


I’ve downloaded it and will be looking at the tutorials shortly. Thanks.