Brisingr needed an Escutcheon!


Well we’ve had our Glowforge “Brisingr” for 2 days now and have done quite a bit of stuff and so thought I’d share the escutcheon we cut for it as well as some other projects!


Sweet escutcheon!

You’re off to a great start.


The handwritten recipe on the cutting board is wonderful. Also now eyeing my big stack of ikea cork trivets speculatively. I usually stencil them but the engraving looks great!


Thanks, it’s been a blast so far!


Thank you! The recipe is for a Christmas cookie my grandma used to always make that my mom now makes. I made one each for my mom and sister. The cork coasters worked great, definitely going back to ikea for loads more!


My goodness…you’ve been prolific! Great group of various stuff!


Very nice work, and Happy Anaversary!


Wow, what a wonderful variety of projects, and all flawlessly executed!


Thank you!


All your items look great. I am still trying to get through the holidays so I can figure this GF out.


Great projects! (Love the cuff!) :grinning:


What settings did you settle for on your cork? Did you mask it?


1000/30 125 LPI No masking. I may increase the LPI if it was extremely intricate but I’m quite happy with how they turned out.


I love that ruler bracelet. Any tips on how to reproduce it? Hopefully I’ll have my GF in a few days and would love to have an easily accessible ruler pretty much anywhere.


Medium proofgrade leather at the standard settings. I used this generator to make the ruler.
Found some cheap snaps on amazon. I’m not a leather person and have no idea what I was doing but I used coconut oil to finish it, which darkened it a tad and made it more supple.


The ruler bracelet is killer!


Thank you!