British Museum makes 1.9 million images available for free

Direct link is here: :sunglasses:




Thanks for the link! Used to be one of my favorite places to roam around in! Unfortunately it hasn’t been that close to me for many years now. :cry:


Be aware of the licensing claims and issues:


@evermorian: Interesting take on ownership of (so much looted) artwork at the British Museum! I wonder how that will play out if other museums begin doing a similar thing!? :sunglasses:

I did find something there that is very exciting—and somewhat depressing. I’ve been working on replacing an 8-foot Easter Island Moai statue that sat next door to me here in La Jolla for 20+ years. The house was placed in a trust 10 years ago after the owners passed away—a marine geologist couple that somehow imported the statue to La Jolla. They worked on dating the statues—cir. 1200-1500 AD. The statue was removed by one of the children. We purchased the house about a year ago after the 10-year trust expired.

I started prototyping Moai statues with my Glowforge thinking of using a Maslow DIY CNC to create large “slices” for later chicken wire and stucco. Then I switched to the idea of 3D printing ever larger molds for concrete casting.

I know that weight is an issue and plan on somehow dealing with that with a hollow mold or lots of Perlite added to the concrete, more like volcanic tuff, which is what most of the Moai statues are carved from (but not the one below).

I see now that solid concrete would clearly result in a “weight issue”. The same height basalt statue in the British Museum…

…weighs 4.2 metric tons—9260 pounds!!

We shall see…an adventure for us stay-at-homes!! :sunglasses:



I watched that documentary about the statues walking; it was quite compelling.


Thanks for the link! :smiley:

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