Brittrack Award Plaques

For the Dragon Con Brittrack in Atlanta, I made a couple of award plaques for some of their contests, including one for the Monty Python Silly Walks, and a costume contest called Pageant of Rassilon (Dr Who inspired). Both used walnut with the first being a Silly Walks sign interpretation, and the Costume award being a Gallifreyan medal translation of “winner”. Both also had year and plaque notes on the backside. Very happy with results.


Very nice. I really like the Silly Walk inlay.


I think that’s an engrave?

Anyhoo, nice. I’ll be at Dragoncon on Saturday, I gotta get serious about figuring out what I want to see. I’m not a Dr Who fan, so the guest list didn’t call to me exactly, but it’s always fun to go see what’s up.

I recognized your ministry of silly walks immediately! Great job.

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So it is. Must clean my glasses more often.

Also did this Vogon plaque, and a Mind The Gap sign out of acrylic (very happy with that one).


And finally, a Monty Python pointing hand…about twice the size of a normal hand. Engraved on draft board.


Ohhhh I thought the silly walk was something I did with the grandchildren! We can all use a little more silly!