Broken Glowforge that you want to sell?

If your Glowforge is broken, I buy old units.

DM me!


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Your old post is not locked.

Why create a new topic? Do you just want one in each category? That seems kinda “spammy” to me.


its buried 100 deep in the forum, I am finding out how to do this without reposting every month…

“Bumping” a thread is far better than duplicating one in my mind.

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and in fairness, I posted this is the community support forum, and it was moved…
I tried "bumping’ a post, and I was flagged by a fellow member…

It is still a new topic about an active topic that is not locked.

It seems that monthly reminders are viewed as “spam” also then, if you were flagged for bumping a thread.

Maybe you could add more information to the “bump”? Number of unhappy Glowforges liberated? Something to make it fun or add to the conversation?

I don’t think people like “commercials” on this forum. And repeating the same thing without adding anything to the conversion will more than likely be flagged.


I agree the proper tactic here is to reply to your existing thread if you need to.

But the bigger question is whether or not the forum welcomes this sort of manual “pinning” of for sale/wanted threads, or even welcomes commercial posts at all.

There’s precedent for bumping, the necrogame is all about signal boosting topics that you think are worth remembering. Just a question of whether or not posting or boosting ads is appropriate in any circumstance, and if so, when.

Interesting idea


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