Broken on arrival- Broken lid - weak addeshisive

I don’t think the gravity of this UKRAINE situation is being fully realized, by our so-called leadership, and the media.

If I was in Taiwan I would be very very nervous.


First, welcome to the forum. As you have gotten excellent advice so far from some of the absolute best and most experienced users, you have experienced just how helpful and important this forum is to new users. I wish I could give you an instant solution, but I can only offer my moral support. What these fine folks didn’t share with you was how long they had to wait for their machines as pioneers. Several of them were of the original crowd sourced funding that made the GF even possible for others like you and me. They waited years after spending thousands to get their hands on one. I know it sounds trite, but please be patient and you will be rewarded with a wonderful tool to express your creativity. It is still a relatively new field of technology and there continue to be growing pains.
While you are waiting for a resolution, take some time to explore this forum and get to know us and we will always be ready to assist in anyway we can.


So often this is the case. I don’t know specifically but they knew that the spacecraft het up a lot from the friction of re-entry, so huge amounts of effort was spent inventing the space tiles to insulate the ship. So much effort was focused on the tiles that nobody focused on the glue to hold the tiles in place, with really bad results.

On a lighter note when they first “invented” the Ford Thunderbird it was supposed to be competition for the various European sports cars that all had 4 cylinder engines ss they were much lighter. So as the design was almost finished one of the top executives thought it ought to have a really big V-8 engine! So the designers had to rush to re-design the engine cradle and front suspension and get it into production.

So they were coming off the assembly line at one every few seconds and the hoods would not close over the bigger engines. They can’t shut down the assembly line so they are getting ever more cars with the hood not able to close. So they made a big hole in the hood so it would at least close but that looked really bad so someone came up with putting the first air scoop on a commercial car. It was a really ugly kludge, but it emphasized how big the engine was and air scoops of much prettier design have been used on cars everywhere ever since.

The Glowforge had such issues with the filter at that level but other parts changes have been more subtle.

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Replacement Unit arrived today. Hopefully it works!

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Whelp… Same problem as before… the handle is not attached to the lid. This time I knew not to lift it. I super glued it and now I’m waiting on it to dry. I will be RMA’ing this one as well. I guess at least this time I have a usable machine until the 3rd unit arrives… Who is QC’ing these machines? I wonder why this keeps happening to me.

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