Bubblegram - Sub Surface Laser Engraving


I really enjoy Angus’ videos. Given we don’t actually have Z motion, I’d assume this can’t be done on our GFs, but still cool.


Different kind of laser I think, but it’s still cool. :sunglasses:


Correct. But I believe they’re under $200K now :smile:


Glowforge has about 0.5" of Z motion, thanks to the focus lens adjustment.

Hmm, if you get a chunk of ZnSe instead of borosilicate, that might work. Then you would have a nice, yellow part!

You could potentially use GaAs, as well. But I don’t think you can see through it. So, you would just have to believe it worked.


Good link. He’s does some super videos. We need an Angus channel for Glowforge.


I vote for you. :slight_smile:


I watch Angus’s videos all the time for 3d printing. He really does great work.