Gasp It’s a murder hornet! RUN!


No, we’re all a bunch of busy bees!! We have to do what the Asian bees do and en mase swarm it and hug it to death!!


Yay, bees! And praying mantises, too.

I wonder who would win in a contest between murder hornets and fire ants…

I hear murder hornets. I saw a video of some REALLY stupid young man on YouTube that deliberately stung himself with one, just to see which one is worse. (Apparently he’s thinking of writing a book. And he’s destroying his liver with these stunts…but fame, you know.)

Here it is…

ok, that is just nuts. no, just no.


This probably is my anti-social crank coming out but I would not be sad if the next video this guy is in is of his funeral because he turned out to be deathly allergic and because these are new to the U.S. there wasn’t an antidote for him.

Kind of how I feel about all the a**hats demonstrating with their AR-15s and bandoliers to reopen right now & damn the consequences. If just one showed up in the obits as having contracted Covid at the rally & did not recover it might make people think more than they seem to be capable of. (And I’m going to be really pissed if more gun legislation passes because the morons inspire backlash in the legislature and I’m painted with the same “shouldn’t let stupid people have guns” brush :thinking:)


This has taken a turn…

But it’s probably not a surprise to you to find out that the reopen america “grassroots” campaigns are a carefully orchestrated astroturf campaign by some gun advocacy groups.

As for the rest of it, have you met my friend “Leopards ate my face”?


Isn’t censorship of topics kind of anti-Reddit?

I didn’t know people were keeping track.

Trouble with many gun advocacy groups is they can’t take a breath and calm down. They can be incredibly extreme. I don’t think the average American gives much thought to the subject until one side or the other starts winding up for major hissy fits. Then the advocates look like morons and the regulatory wingers win. They of course look to call a guy with a gun the minute their house is invaded but they don’t connect the dots. We (gun owners) might be better off if we toned down the rhetoric and didn’t go rubbing people’s noses in our firearms. :pleading_face:

Full disclosure - I’m a pistol & rifle instructor and former competition shooter.


You know what? This is super offtopic, so I am going to jank it.

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I just got orders for 6,000 earsavers from GF so I’m gonna be too busy to be peevish :smiley:

Fortunately (?) it’s going to snow tonight/tomorrow so it’s going to be crap outside so I won’t be tempted to play out there. I’ll just be sitting in my basement lair running the GF. Can’t believe it’s May and there’s a polar vortex :man_shrugging:


It’s almost as if something is disrupting the normal flow of the upper atmosphere with unnaturally high temperature causing vortexes to swirl off that would normally stay put.

Can’t imagine what.