Bucky Balls are back!

[quote]216 Magnetic Balls. 100% Legal.

In 2012, the US Government banned America’s favorite desktoy, Buckyballs, and all other adult magnet sets.

In perhaps the biggest surprise of the year, last week a judge overturned that decision. True story.[/quote]

This is awesome! I’m glad someone with common sense finally decided to overturn the stupid decision to ban Bucky Balls.


I received an email this weekend and man has the price gone up.
Zen magnets Mandala set is now $527.68, bought several sets before they were banned for $280.
I think I will still have to buy them from China.

Scored my first Buckies! :relaxed:


Just finished reading the appeals court decision. It vacated the rule that effectively banned the balls but did leave it to the CPSC to determine if the rule could be supported by better evidence - it’s cost/benefit analysis was badly flawed.

So it’s possible that they would find the necessary data and reissue the rule but it’s going to be some heavy lifting to do that and I’d hazard unlikely in the new regulatory climate that’s emerging from Washington.

My collection suddenly got far less valuable :slightly_smiling_face:


They all come from China, that is where the rare earth metal are mined.


For what it’s worth, it looks like per magnet the Zen set is $0.30 and Bucky Balls are $0.14 per magnet. ($30 for 216 magnets - not counting shipping)