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UPDATE: I couldnt seem to get the boxes right. Tabs never appeared when I would “Generate”. Hubby finally came inside from garage and tells me he has an app on his phone for boxes and created me one… Ended up leaving back side off though because I couldnt get the arch right. But it works and now i need to make several more!

Hi everyone. So, I am a custom tumbler maker. Recently, I moved my office and last night, for the first time, I came in to work to find little gnats/moths stuck on the now dried epoxy. I am a beginner with glowforge and enjoying the small things I have made but I think I need a little help on this one.

I am trying to cut an inverted box (think storage tote flipped upside down). The back side would need an arch cut out to slip over the spinning arm and it would need the three sides and a back end. A bottom is not needed. It would need to be 12 inches long and 7 inches wide on the 3 sides to go over the tumblers and the ends would need to be 7 inches high by 7 inches wide with one end having the arch cut for the arm support. The arch support wound need to be 5 inches tall to clear the spinner arm. I would prefer something that snaps together and not glued. Can anyone help me design this?


I think you can knock one out pretty quickly using this box generator - eliminate the bottom and insert an arch cut line in one end. https://www.festi.info/boxes.py/

Thank you. I have seen that before when I was looking through everyones posts trying to learn but it intimidated me :slight_smile: I will give it a try.

I understand. Welcome to the unknown. I wandered in here not knowing jack about lasers or CNC, and it has been a great adventure for me.
Testing new materials and techniques has been a treasure hunt. Learning design software has been a trial.
"If you’re going through Hell - keep going." - Winston Churchill

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Remember, subsequent iterations will always be better. Failure is our teacher.

Tumbled rocks were an avenue into geology for me. Great product you are making!


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