Bungalow Plaque


my second print. a small plaque with a Chicago bungalow image.

uploaded to the youtubes- https://youtu.be/6Oa1ZXlZC-w

pretty mesmerizing to watch the little house appear line by line.


I know what you mean.
I love watching things emerge.
I just did my first project with lots of scoring, and that’s a different mesmerizing thing, too. Congratulations on getting your Glowforge.
It’s so much fun enjoying the explosion of sharing.
Keep posting.


Great video! I can sit and watch a design appear and never get tired of it! :grinning:


Yes! Now we need to see the final plaque “unmasked!”


I’m pretty sure that the first Inkjet printers had similar adoring fans. :wink:


I’ve had my lasers for 16 +years…I still pause to watch them etch and cut. :smile:


i guess a picture of the final product would help. :slight_smile:


Thanks–it looks great!