Bunny Succulents..Alternative to lithops for @jules


Maybe these are more hearty than the lithops…
Would love to see your planter with real plants @Jules.
Not that the flants arent pretty…lol


ERMAGERD! Those are incredibly cute! :smile:

And the little bunny bodies everywhere would be a tragedy of epic proportions. I just kill houseplants. (Actually pretty good at growing vegetables and herbs, just overwater houseplants to death. They don’t stand a chance.)


Awwwwwww. Want!


Oh no! LOL <-------- really…people are now glaring at me…
I’m sure you could come up with a cute reminder sign that says the days to pop in some ice cubes…


…in edge lit acrylic!


Very cool. Kids are gonna love em. $20 for shipping seeds though - oof :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:




Those are sooo cute! I’ve had good luck with one called “ogre ears” and if I can keep one alive, anyone can. They literally look like a bucket of tiny Shrek ears! (I think it’s actually called a jade plant?)

But about half of mine are flants too! Fake succulents seem to somehow look less fake than your usual plastic plant! :grimacing:


Those are adorable! I’m terrible with houseplants (ok, let’s be honest - all plants) too. Maybe I could keep these alive.


These are adorable!


Interestingly enough they show “13 left in stock” which is exactly what they showed last night when I ordered. :slight_smile:


They’re on sale for $4.51 right now :slight_smile:


Plus $20 for “insured shipping” which is not optional. :slight_smile:


Where are you shipping to? :open_mouth:
2 packs plus shipping to Los Angeles came in under $15.


same for virginia.


Last night mine was $19 to CT. They should be out of stock based on what they showed last night (but they’re still showing the same amount in stock - might be a “cal to urgency” that’s not really reflective of the stock levels :slight_smile: )


I would be careful buying from this shop as they are selling fake “rainbow rose” seeds and there’s some pretty fake advertising going on. It makes me question the other products as well :-/


I got my shipping notice - 3 weeks for their super special insured delivery :grinning: Of course I have been getting daily limited time discounts ever since I placed my order. Crossing my fingers they’ll be what was advertised though - my wife & daughter are huge fans of these.