Burn Color Variances

Hi Everyone,
Can anyone explain to me why the burn color turned out so differently on this board? I’ve noticed very uneven burn color when engraving on cheap bamboo spoons/turners but this is the first time it has happened on a cutting board. Any recommendations to even the color variance out after the fact so the board isn’t ruined?

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Looks like it might be made out of two different woods? (Each will burn differently, so I don’t know if there is a way to get them exactly the same.)

I kind of like that effect though.


Thanks for the input. Yea, it is definitely unique. The odd thing about this board is the back side of it is almost 100% the darker wood. So in this case, I’m flipping it over and doing the same design on the back. Just trying to educate myself for potential future burns. :slight_smile:

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Good idea. :slightly_smiling_face:
And be sure to share the picture of the finished result on the backside…I’d like to see it.

When the mixed woods are clear like this (as opposed to bamboo where the different textures are all mixed together). I’d suggest designing in two different colours - so the parts over the tan are a different colour than the parts over the brown. Then you can run the whole design using the same settings, and if one is darker just re-run the one that ended up lighter (or if it’s a major difference re-run at a slower speed).

WAY more time in design to do that, but it gives you control.

Now, that being said - if you do not move your material, even after you’ve opened the lid, you can run your design again and it’ll land in the same spot (it may not look that way in the GFUI, but it will if you haven’t moved anything). SO, in a case like this you can close the lid and run the whole thing again.

Also - have you cleaned that? Some woods char more, but after cleaning you may find that the two parts are more similar than different. I recommend alcohol (rubbing or cheap vodka).


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