Burn marks from flashback

We all know the burnt marks on the underside of the wood
is the flask back from the laser hitting the metal crumb tray.

I know masking help reduce this.

I haven’t experimented with anything yet but to eliminate or
at least really reduce the burn marks I was thinking of
not using the crumb tray at all and propping up the material
up with a smaller tray of some sort.

Just wondering what your thoughts are on this.

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Search the forum for flashback and you’ll find plenty of discussion. No need to reopen it when it’s already been so thoroughly covered

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Dialing in your speed and power settings so you just cut through helps. Sometimes a sacrificial piece of paper or board works, too.
It really depends on your exact material that you’re cutting. The kinda crazy pattern most people are seeing does come from the laser hitting the crumb tray . Some people have also had success with lifting the material slightly above the crumb tray.

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