Burn marks when engraving

Does anyone have a recommended masking tape they use to cover their wood that doesn’t leave burns. I tried using 3M masking tape but it leaves burns around the letters that I engrave. I have attached a photo and you can see that around soon it looks burnt. Please help

Looking it would seem that the masking was not smoothed down enough and the smoke got under that tape. If you rub it down with a cloth soaked with hand sanitizer it should clean right up.


Ok, I will try that tomorrow. Thank you so much for responding.

For wiping off that smoke stain, alcohol wors good, household ammonia works better.

If you are doing a production run (depending on the design), pulling the mask first and wiping with a solvent to remove the stain is preferable to weeding time-wise.


Here you go:

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I can’t really add more than others have already said about masking, but I do want to say I love that design :slight_smile: Hope you can get it cleaned up as you like.

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Also when using transfer tape masking make sure you squeegee it down with a credit card or printers brayer. The adhesive is pressure activated. Otherwise it may not stick well when lasering and fly up at the cut edges.


Hey Y’all Thanks for all the tips. Going to test it out tonight :slight_smile:


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