Burn Marks

Lately when I print on proof grade material get these burn marks on the paper and this never happened before. Is anyone else having this issue? Should I be worried?

Worried, not really. But it is strange. Could be the material but could also be something with your machine. Have you cleaned the optics lately? Is it cutting properly? If not and you recently changed it you should double check lens orientation.

Is your air assist fan working properly? If you’re using magnets to hold materials maybe try without to be sure you’re not disrupting the fan.

Might be hat particular piece, maybe do a quick gift of good measure on draftboard to be sure?

These are pretty much just shots in the dark. Might be worth emailing support to see if they see anything unusual in your logs.


My guess is the fans need cleaning. The tiny one in the print head and more likely the bigger one at the back of the print head.


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