Burning Chalk Painted woods items

Does anyone know it if you can use your GF with chalk painted items? TIA


can you show an image of what you are talking about? you have me curious.

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I’d say probably yes, I bet it’s unlikely that chalk paint is harmful to the laser. Then again, I’m just one rando on the internet, don’t assume I know what I’m talking about.

The good news is that there are ways to be sure and also to figure out the best settings. Check out #4 and #6:


I grabbed two cans of chalk paint from the garage and neither of them appears to contain a anything that would keep you from being able to use them, but that doesn’t guarantee the one YOU have won’t.

In general, paints are safe - just make sure your fan is running and the room’s well-ventilated.

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I use chalk paint on many of my projects and have had no issues.

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