Burning trees on paper


First time caller (poster), long time listener. It’s time I put my big boy pants on and post something rather than just read, steal, read, …

I cut/scored some trees. The first one (bottom) was engraved too light to make it through, it produced an effect I haven’t seen yet, partially cut cardstock. The paper is 110lb from Michael’s. The initial settings were 650 / 30 and it cut about half way through producing a kind of wood background to the trees. The top 'engrave, actually cut the paper and was 700 / 60.

I hope someone finds this partial cut interesting and or useful. On that note thanks to everyone who posted stuff that got me here.



Ooooh. I like the partial cut. Especially in the woodsy context. Thanks for sharing your settings :slight_smile:


Nice to see both outcomes … May want one way for one thing … But the other for something else. Great!

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Nice! I’m partial to the full cut.


Oh Jules,

Two things. 1) OMG JULES REPLIED TO MY POST!!! and 2) Really? A full cut could be reproduced with an exacto knife with time taken being the only real difference. A piece of paper cut to a half depth is something I’ve never seen.

Anyway thanks for commenting, I’ve learned a lot from your posts.



Yeah, but i used to try to do those full cuts with an exacto. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
(I still appreciate machines that make that unnecessary, and do a much better job of it than i did.) :wink:

Can’t wait to see some more stuff.


Just because something is different doesn’t make it good…

But that’s pretty cool :slight_smile:

Is that an editable design? I wonder how it would look if you replaced the background with a gradient going from white up to black (and maybe white to black back to white - which would simulate foreground to horizon and then back to foreground/fore sky), and then select vari-power. Set the max vari-power to what you figured out up there and see if the gradient would simulate depth? :slight_smile:


Actually that first attempt you made creates a tool I use often as a Silversmith. Paper engraved like that will emboss annealed metal in a rolling mill. Getting an engraving that only went at least, but only halfway through is something I struggled for before finally getting it right.
Here are just a few of the things I have made using paper that was die cut or laser cut.


Holy Moly! I had no idea, I guess that’s why I was so impressed with my mistake/trial.

Thanks for showing me this.

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I can’t wait to try this!!! Thanks for sharing!

Check out this video

Video :Paper That Molds Metal


That came out beautiful… Do you mind telling where you got the image or file? I have been wanting to buy and embossing folder like that but may just make my own! Thx

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“Mistakes” are just different versions of an outcome. Both can have purpose. I like the rustic look of the half burned through or etched design. The cut through might save you time by vector cutting the shapes but sometimes the little cut bits fly around once they are free…lol.
I’m just excited that you’ve posted and now can’t wait to see what else you create.


These are lovely…and a little bit ironic…engraving trees on trees. ha


Ooooooo, I love those trees!

I tried something similar with a lace design, and while I was going for the full cut look, my half engraved one was too interesting to throw away. I made it into a card and the recipient loved it!


I stole it from @PrintToLaser who stole it from @kittski I believe. This was the post I took it from:



Spot on! :slightly_smiling_face:


THx! Can’t wait to work with this image… It is beautiful!

Nice art @kittski donated to the cause eh? :sunglasses:

@Tattoo_Couture, man, I worked with silver and gold (mostly casting) for 30 years and had no idea you could emboss metal with a paper pattern! New use of my rolling mill. :+1:


I hadn’t thought of engraving vs. cutting those shapes when I did my “tree in card stock” experiment. If the desire is to cut all the way through, a cut operation will be loads faster than an engrave, but I do like the partway cut through engrave in your first try. Thanks for sharing and including the settings

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