Business based on Pro Catalog?

Hey community - it’s been awhile since I’ve logged on. I’m curious if anyone has had success running a business or side-gig using the catalog items provided via Premium subscription. I’ve gone back and forth on the idea of making a business but unsure where to really start and figured maybe the catalog is the best place.

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I would consider how you plan to sell, like locally, online, through social media, through local businesses, and also how much you plan on customizing each piece you use. I don’t make a business with catalog items, but I do submit designs to the catalog. I see my stuff on etsy and social media and I get feedback from sellers sometimes-products do really well in their local markets or as pop-ups in their local stores.

The stuff I see online, they are doing something unique to make it their own-special materials, paints, etc. I think if you’re only doing stuff online, you’ll need to find a way to make it stand out above everyone else in a way that isn’t just offering it at a lower price. Since there will be a lot of people using the same files, there will be more competition online.


If you have a viable place to show your stuff but do not want to start with three pieces and a lot of empty space, the catalog is a good way to fill out that empty space, while you work to design your own stuff. Inevitably some will sell and some won’t so you make more of what sells.

As noted this catalog and others are available to everyone, but there is more available than the competition can provide so specializing in what others don’t can let you capture that part of the market like a theme of wildlife or a thing like earrings, people looking for that will eventually come to the place they can find the biggest variety of what they are looking for. That will also suggest ideas that are not otherwise available you can do from scratch.


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