Business card case

For carrying them around so you don’t bend them. I used the smaller piece of walnut that came with the glowforge. To my surprise, it was solid, not ply. Which worked out awesome because I decided to sand the edges smooth. Then I rubbed Teak oil on the edge. Its 4 layers. The front and back are exactly the same. The 2 layers in between are U shaped.

I got a little carried away on one corner… lol. But I used a small drum sander, not a belt sander. Should have used the belt sander. Oh well… it’s for me.


For nice looking edges you can’t beat the solid hardwoods. It came out great!


That’s nice. I agree that the solid hardwood made a nice clean edge. I couldn’t tell at a glance that it was layered up.


Very nice!
all the ideas in here! So much creativity… so much cool stuff to try - me want! (more time in the day to play with my forge!!)


Really classy! Like the card being burned into the case.


Your case is RAD!


Thanks (love that movie).

Have you tried putting “rad” in a Facebook reply?

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As a woodworker myself, can I just compliment you on your edges? it really is not easy to make the layers “disappear” as you just did. *slow clap *


Thanks! That means a lot.

On my big glue up CNC signs I use clamps and about 500 pounds of steel lol

This one is 36" long and made of 4 pieces of 2x6 cedar


This one is about 25" tall and made up of 4 pieces of 2x6 cedar



Reminds me of an phone case I got years ago that was laser etched (2 pcs that slide together, since you can’t flex the case to fit like other materials :wink: ). But also no longer have that phone…

And at one time (with this old phone) I did order a case from the company that makes my business cards to have my phone look like a giant business card–so maybe your next project–wood phone case “business card”!


Love your case! Your sides are awesome!

Your signs are really stunning, as well!

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Thanks! Love the saying!

I use loctite professional superglue. Bonds in 10 seconds. Then just buzz the edges with a belt sander (which I should have used instead of a drum sander). I gave myself 0.03" extra in the width inside. If you give yourself enough thickness on the rim, you shouldn’t have a problem.


Great work. If my wife see this I will be busy.


I love your cardholders, also I picked on your business cards , look great. What material did you use for making these cards?

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They are “Business cards - premium kraft” from vistaprint. I think it was 500 for $24 .