Business card holder!

Hi guys, I found a really nice business card holder on Pinterest and as a friend requested, I personalised it for one of his businesses!

Here is the result!



Wow! Cool design. Nice work!


That is definitely one of the slicker ones.
Good find.


I like it, great customization.

I found the base here if other people want to try something similar:


My GF is arriving in about a week and I think this is a great contender for my first project (being an office dweller myself) Thanks for sharing your photos!


Enjoy it! If u need any help, this Forum is amazing to get u through your questions! :blush:


I agree that this forum is great, I’ve been lurking for some time prior to purchasing :joy:

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Me too! I was “blocked” for so many times due to boormark too many etc! Kkkkkk

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Thanks so much for this design! I made it with my own logo. I love the living hinge. I was very skeptical but then it works!


how do you add your logo to this?

Welcome to the forum.
Once you get the design from Thingiverse, I think you will be able to figure out how to extend one of the edges after the notch and personalize it as you wish. Basically you are adding a “billboard” beyond where the living hinge slots into the base where you can add your text and logo shape if you wish.

I had to edit the original file in Adobe Illustrator and then set different colors for cut/engrave. You’ll need to know how to edit a path.

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do you happen to have the cut file for this holder?

Great job, love the design. I need to try this.

Welcome to the forum.
It is against forum rules to ask for files, but for this item you are in luck as the base file came from Thingiverse and is linked above.