Business Card Test on Bass Wood

A while ago I made this drawing of my Hasselblad 1000f in photoshop and thought it might work well as a graphic on business cards. I ran some tests on all kinds of different paper and wood but the Bass wood was the best. Its 1/16 thick so it is strong enough to hold up but thin enough that its very flexible. Might keep it in mind as a live hinge for other projects.IMG_20171202_125341453

Full power and speed for the cut
full speed and 30 power for the engrave at 340 dpi on vary power


Great drawing! Those are going to be some wonderful business cards! :grinning:

Thanks its just such an interesting camera I couldnt help but draw it. Took a bit of work to turn it into a graphic but it worked out nicely.


Look great, I miss the days of film and developing.