Business Cards


Moving up from the previous business cards (at least for some uses) to anodized aluminum. I really like the look — have to play a little with the settings between the two types as the don’t engrave exactly the same way, but all in all works really well.


Pondering some sort of business card on aluminum, but for most of mine probably use a standard print shop instead.


I think for a lot of things, I will too but for contacts where I really want it to stand out, these :slight_smile:


Makes sense. Getting regular business cards for a friend of mine that does Thirty-One. I suggested she use some of my jewelry line as extra door prizes and/or giveaways, and she liked that idea well enough…and cards for referrals for any interested customers.


I’m going to be doing this soon to make membership cards for my premium supporters. Care to share where you got your blanks? Someone else posted some from Amazon that had a good result but the more options the better. :wink:


The black with the rounded corners were thru Amazon and the purple were thru


Yay! Canadian seller


The ring lord is great! I won’t get my chainmail supplies anywhere else


They are a great source for anodized aluminum


I got my blanks from The Ring Lord as well. I ordered 80 the first time, and I already need more.
(I have a corner-cutter; they arrived as rectangles.)