But where do your keys go?


Hey all!

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a good project going on the :glowforge: (I’m in new dad mode for baby #2, so I don’t have much time around here). My best friend just had his birthday so I decided to make him this:

Yes, Back to the Future. It was the most appropriate quote I could think of for an off-roading themed key holder.

If anyone is interested, inspiration comes from @makesomething 's weiner dog art video (Turning Hand Painted Art into a Magical 3D Sculpture). I took an old Land Cruiser ad into Inkscape and used the Multi Scan mode of the trace bitmap tool to get 3 stacked layers (outline, grey and black), so I could take advantage of the two :proofgrade: engrave darkness’s

Hope you like it!


Love the look and way you combined the two engraving shades. Nice job!!!


Brilliant idea for the layered art. It came out great!


This is such a great project. I’m going to have to put this on my to design list too. Except the woman has a Renault Kadjar and the keyfob doesn’t have a ring or anywhere to connect a ring… So it will need a shelf!


Thank you!


Haha! Thanks!


Thanks, got to give props to @makesomething , it’s a very cool technique


Ooo, I thought about a little shelf but didn’t have the time to implement it. Can’t wait to see yours!


Looks great, and very appropriate. :smile:


I love it! Looks great!!


Looks great! Love the 3D-ness of it.


Well done.


Really great work! Very near and dear to my heat as I grew up in a Landcruiser.