Buy your Glowforge Pro shipping box for $50


Anyone wants to sell your Glowforge Pro shipping box for $50? I live in bay area in CA. I can pick it up by myself.


Do you mean the box by itself or the box and all of the shipping parts.


I mean the whole shipping box including foams etc.


As it is $249 plus shipping for the box from Glowforge that would be quite a bargain. I am keeping that and other equipment boxes in such volume that I need a storage locker just for shipping containers but even that rent would not make up the difference.


Good luck with that. I have had to use mine twice.


Are you moving away from the Bay Area or moving somewhere local. You could rent mine but I need it back.

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I just threw away the box. Now I am selling my Glowforge Pro so I need a shipping box. The price is negotiable.


I would plan a new box in the price you are selling it for or add it to the shipping cost.


We bought several that were pre owned and were looking for a box also. If you need one then your best bet is like rbtdanforth stated and just plan on losing $250 out of your asking price. I have offered several people a lot more for there set but still less than a new one and no one wanted to sell due to the fact that at one point in time you WILL need your box to send it back. Good luck with your sale.

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I just order a box which costed me $272.03. This is ridiculous.


That’s basically what the box costs to ship. Run an estimate through FedEx or UPS with the dimensions.


Why was it not free shipping? It still shows on top that orders over $100 have free shipping.


My guess is Cynergy is in California so there is also sales tax added.

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AHHHHHH that would make sense. We are in NV so would not have noticed tax. Thanks

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