Buying pre-masked Non-Proofgrade plywood

I’m looking for non-proofgrade plywood that I can purchase that has already been masked. I’m looking to save the time it takes to apply masking each board on both sides myself.

Does anyone have any go-to suppliers that offer this masking service as an add-on?


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JPPlus sells wood that’s pretty much identical to Proofgrade medium/thick – 1/8" or 1/4" thick, glossy clear coat on both sides, MDF core, laser cuts and engraves consistently.

I don’t buy any masking on it since char/flashback wipes right off the finished surface, but they do offer it. There are two transfer tape options under the “applied adhesive” add-on list.

Maple: LaserBits Maple Laserable Wood Laminate

Cherry: LaserBits Cherry 12" x 24" Laserable Wood Laminate

Walnut: LaserBits Walnut Laserable Wood Laminate

They have 1,409 additional sheet materials to choose from. Do make note of dimensions.

Use coupon code 9PBN11 at checkout for 15% off your purchase.


I’ve used WAI supplies ( with good results. They offer a range of 1/8 and1/4 plywood, with options for finished/unfinished, one or two sided, masked or not, adhesive backing or not.


If it catches fire, it is not covered at all. Just to keep in mind when leaving proof grade for cutting.

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Just so you know, it only takes about 4 min to mask both sides of the material. I usually mask my material while the machine is engraving and cutting out my current project. Masking goes quite fast!


12" masking, a 6" rubber brayer and a flat smooth surface (kitchen counter works great) are all you need.