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@PrintToLaser – I am gonna need to see a picture of this bar. :slight_smile: I did a sci-fi themed bar but often wonder if I should have done tiki.

Kind of a quirky Caribbean/scuba/Navy/ pirate thing. Nothing special, just a collection of pictures, souvenirs and memories… with a couple of recent laser goodies.!

I draw your attention to the far right corner of the back splash. One of the Verde Butterfly granite slabs I bought to do this with had broken corner. I first thought I would just cut a tile for that, but being me - I went a different route.
Lost wax casting was something I did so I formed it up and poured casting wax to fill it and cast a bronze corner. The wax took the texture of the break so the metal just sits on it.

When you align it with the bar edge, the compass rose points magnetic North. (told you it was quirky…)

The picture of the hurricane on the side of the cabinet was Wilma, that made us refugees for an extra 3 days of ‘vacation’. The sponges you will see in a minute were courtesy of that monster storm.

There is a picture of the family next to a ‘Wayfarer’ plant, so called because they orient themselves North and South. The smallest one is that girl that is about to be married! The boy is the Father of my two granddaughters.
My First mate there keeping an eye on the bar.

Another keepsake is the ballast stone you see at the end of the bar.

a hundred yards away you could see it on the beach, because of its color. It is an igneous stone that has no business on a coral atoll. The white specks you see on it are a result of hurricanes banging it around on the coral rubble for a couple of centuries.
The Spanish Galleons would port at islands to take on turtles, who’s weight they traded for ballast stones in the bilge. A turtle could live for months in there without food insuring a supply of fresh meat for the voyage.
It’s quite dense, and the customs agent inspecting my bags looked at me like I had two heads for packing stone in my bag.
Months later I was looking closely and saw a few small green crystals in it. Well lapidary is something I did, so I took a diamond saw to it.

Because of the crazing, which is a characteristic of emerald, I speculate that’s what it is.

This is a collection of beach combing treasures. Coral corallum, red and black coral pieces, shark teeth, sponges, a bronze casting of a Moray eel I did, beach potatoes, shells and a picture of my Queen emerging from the Caribbean blue with new tales of adventure.

Finally two native Mayan artworks round out my weird conglomeration.

Sorry to inundate you with all that, but you asked, and it’s so eclectic a guided tour was called for.

OK @GrooveStranger, there you have it. Your turn!
I want to see a sci-fi bar!


Diver, I see. (Love the setup…what can I say…that’s a moray.) :smile:




It looks like a museum! I really like that brass casting.


Sometimes I’m overcome with an impulse I can’t shake. :crazy_face:


I love it! Every detail tells a story :slight_smile:

Not sure which I like better - the wax casting or the ballast stone (the coloration/pattern remind me a bit of dinosaur bone).


That’s a very cool space. I am a diver too so this pushes my buttons!

Always happy to show off my bar. Be careful what you ask for. :wink:

My game room/bar/theater started as 2 adjoining bedrooms. Fortunately the closet and wall in between them was not load-bearing so we were able to join the spaces together. Here are a couple of work-in-progress pics showing both ends of the room. Lighting design was a big deal, so there is colorful crown lighting, rotating warning lights like in Alien (switched!), and a commercial blacklight to light up the neon carpet. It’s not a proper game room without blacklight carpeting!

Here’s a view of the mostly completed but empty space. We designed the bar with an infinity mirror effect top, and the front displays a constant weird wash of colored lights, like something from a sci fi engine room. (Unfortunately the FX are overexposed in this image, I would have to do HDR to capture it.)

Here’s a lights-on shot. It is hard to see but the bar area has no furniture other than the bar. That way we can roll chairs in for movies, or empty the space for exercising or whatever. The floor is this cool stuff called Eco-Flooring. It is an industrial grade rubber product, comes in lots of colors, bulletproof, waterproof, and attractive.

And finally some images of the filled-in space. Since I took these pictures I have added a few more games but the bar/theater side is unchanged.

The power supplies for the LED crown lighting were made into decorations. Cheaper and more fun that hiding them!

The “airlock” will receive some Glowforge-cut greebles once I get my Pro! For now it has some extremely detailed signage. (Yes, I am the guy who pauses sci-fi movies to read all the stickers.)

These are window coverings, not whiteboards. I wanted them canted out so that when decorated they look even less like windows… They too are awaiting my Glowforge so I can decorate them and make them look like some kind of hatch from a sci-fi set. I am hoping to use EVA foam for that. Hopefully I can find a way to finish cut foam so it looks solid and shiny.

I have some better pics on another machine, these are just what I had handy. You get the idea, though. Once Pro passthrough is working there are a lot of other things I can do in here…


Oh Man! Killer job!
Especially the idea of mounting the power supplies front and center, with the warning stripes That Fits right in!
And…and… Wow!
Most impressive. So many cool ideas! :sunglasses: Thanks for that.


That’s just unbelievable!


Nice collection of pins you got there. I have a few (cough)14(cough) myself. (I know, I know, I have a problem… leave me alone! :slight_smile: )


14 pins isn’t a problem, it’s the sign of someone who has their priorities in order! Keep on flippin’.


Hehehe, most of those pins are not on the map. Belize figures prominently and Cozumel would have 10 in it.
From 1984 to about '90 we were rabid. Live-a-boards in Belize and Cayman.
Favorite dive local?

I was referring to the Pinball Machines in @GrooveStranger’s post.

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