Cable organizer rack

Here’s a handy household/garage storage item. I made a couple to give away. I’ve seen metal versions of this kind of “comb” design, but I’ve added an integral little shelf or storing all the other little times that often go along with electronic items that use cables.

Made this out of 1/8" acrylic and then bend the angles with a strip heater. The order of bends is tricky: you don’t want to “bend” yourself in corner and unable to make the next heat/bend operation. I had to make one of the bends backwards (heated side inside the bend) but just made sure the plastic was fully softened before attempting that.

Seems to work fine, but a thicker material might be better if it were to be really loaded down with lots of heave cables.

LMK if you want the file…glad to share.


Another great example of why I need to build or buy a strip heater! Good job.


TAP Plastics sells a very nice strip heater kit:


Very cool! The organizational items are my favorites.

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Great project … You pulled it all together in one spot! Sweet!

Was planning very similar but with a couple of neo magnets for whatever appliance was handy (refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, stove etc)

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Thoughtful solution