Cacti, botanicals, and an alpaca (a plug for Creative Market)

A few little experiments and gifts for friends using designs from Creative Market as starting points.

If you aren’t familiar with Creative Market, they have typefaces, illustrations, and all other kinds of design goodies available for commercial license (many for delightfully cheap!), plus six freebies every week that come with the basic commercial license. I started collecting freebies in April and have a nice assortment of fun things to play with now. No affiliation, I have just really enjoyed using them as a cheap timesaver.

The first two are based on elements from this former freebie.

Cactus and succulent garden for my windowsill (wherein I learned to always measure the thickness of my proofgrade as these were too thick to properly fit the base – hence the numbers peeking out on a few).

A pin for a friend, just because.

And this cute critter (also too thick for the opening in the base, while the cactus was wobbly) was heavily modified from this alpaca and cactus set. Warning if you want to attempt something similar – it’s FULL of open paths that will drive you insane.


Very cute! Like the cacti! :grinning:


I’ve used creativemarket for a few of my recent projects, and they also have free downloads every Monday. Usually the downloads are very reasonably priced if not cheap. :+1:


I love the llama/alpaca.


These are all really cute … but, the alpaca takes the win!


Alpacas are seriously in the running for top cutie of the forum after hedgies and narwhals.