Cad Mapper


Found this nifty tool…
More info:

Exports .dxf files with a wide variety of settings. Seems to crash AI when loading the .dxfs, will need to try with AutoCAD when I get back to work. Seems pretty cool though and lots of applications for GF if when can figure out how to handle the files.


Nice find! Book marked


Thanks for sharing!


For some reason I keep seeing this topic as Mad Capper. So I had to look up capper; according to the Urban Dictionary:

In fansubbing, a person who captures audio and video directly from a television broadcast and saves it to their computer to later be downloaded by a fansubbing group. Most cappers are located in Japan, since they have easier access to anime broadcasts there.


Sweet find! Alternatively you can go from openstreetmap to qGIS to AI pretty seamlessly.