Cake day



We ran this super quick easy project yesterday afternoon.
Two of our favorite people turned 40 and had a joint party.
We made the cakes.

At the last minute we wanted to do some powdered sugar decoration on these flourless chocolate cakes. Glowforge to the rescue!

Two initials and some numbers. So nice to be able to do this without the blood sweat and tears of x-acto knives. :slight_smile:

The Glowforge made the cardboard disks under the cakes too.


I like that you even made a template for your slices …
portion control GF style :slight_smile: Happy 40th to someone!


Good eye!
That seemed like a good idea, but in practice it got, “caked” with chocolate. :slight_smile:


What’s that material you used? Doesn’t look like anything I’ve got in my


It is what Glowforge is calling chipboard.
It is a thin single layer cardboard.
You sure you don’t have any?
I have gotten some in both my materials shipments.
It is perfect for this sort of thing, thin enough to conform to the shape of the cake, and thick enough to not flop all over the place.


+@rita, is chipboard something everyone gets?
(We use it for calibration sometimes, so it’s possible the answer is no and you just got it for that purpose)


It is in the list of materials when you pick one on the cut screen…
If it is not something you send out it really should be!
It is perfect for stencils and such.


Haha I wasn’t trying to “but what about me”, was just curious because it
wasn’t in my box.


Very cool and perfect utilitarian purposeful use! :slight_smile:

I’m also interested in ‘chipboard’ I think. I have plans to use cardboard for some large scale artworks and project sculptural ideas.


Is chipboard the same as what cereal boxes are made of (minus the printing)?


pretty much… available via ebay/amazon/local craft stores


This, this is creative!! Haha! Love it.


Very cool!
Speed and precision. Two aspects that normally don’t go together in my universe. Thanks for the inspiration!


YES! Finally someone else who did that :slightly_smiling_face: I got so much grief from the wife & daughter when I did that with my laser. They were advocates of the scissors method but cutting out a quick circle is super fast & simple and way better circle than scissors can do.


Can be thicker like the board that paper tablets are attached to like legal pads & other pads of paper. It’s also the inside of book covers (bindings) to provide stiffness inside the glued on cover materials.


All I can say is sweet use case…sorry, couldn’t help me self.


I was just talking with my sister-in-law yesterday about what i would be able to cut for her cake designs. I’ll have to send this to her as another example.
We were trying to figure our if you can cut fondant or not. I couldn’t find any examples of cutting the fondant but i did see some cool laser cut fondant stamps.