Cake Topper Fonts

I have a friend who owns a bakery and ask me if i can make some for her. What are some good fonts that I may use to make them?

There are thousands of fonts. Nobody else can tell you what your friend likes.


Not necessarily what the person wants but fonts that the letters flow good together.

Start looking at script fonts on some of the free font sites and decide which ones you like. is a good place to start:

Keep in mind…you can’t just type up the font and expect it to be joined…each individual letter will be cut separately. You have to join the script letters into a single word shape, and that requires use of a program like Inkscape or Illustrator.

Also stay away from fonts with thin sweeps and swirls (which will have to be thickened or they are too fragile) and avoid grungy looking fonts - they don’t cut well. :slightly_smiling_face:


I get most of my fonts from since they come with a good commercial license and I just get them in bulk with the bundles. I’m kind of drowning in fonts. That said, it’s hard to pick fonts for someone else’s use, so I basically agree with @jules. Script fonts without tiny bits.

But here’s one of my favorites:

4 Likes is another good site with very inexpensive font bundles.


From my hand lettering/pinstriping and signmaking days I learned a lot and forged friendships with many of the artists that contribute to this site, some awesome stuff here. No freebies but absolutely worth the cost.


Excellent link! Those folks really know their vectors and fonts.


Thanks all for the tips. I am getting to learning now.

Here are some I found:

Autumn in November
Silent Asia
Magnolia Sky

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