Cake topper golden mirrored acrylic!

Here is another cake topper !



Like the gold mirrored acrylic!

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Hello - may I ask what settings you use for mirrored acryclic? I have been trying with mine and I get notches in the edges and I have tried so many different power and speed settings


I Use the :glowforge: PRO and use 150 speed and Full Power.


Hey, I am going to shift you post over to the Beyond the Manual. That is the place where everyone posts material settings.


Where did you find this gold acrylic sheet? I bought some online, and I’m not super happy with it. Thanks!

Last time I bought was on Amazon/UK.
What settings are you using ?

My settings are fine, it’s the material. Mine is only gold on one side, and I’m hoping to find a double sided acrylic. Too bad I’m not in the UK!

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If you are looking for “mirrored” acrylic, it is only going to be gold on one side and the other side will be the mirror back. Inventables has gold acrylic that is matte on one side, glossy on the other. Inventables also has gold glitter acrylic.


Thank you! I’m not married to the mirrored acrylic, so I’ll try Inventables.

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Hey Alicia any luck finding the double side mirror acrylic??

nope. sorry!

Did you have to mask the acrylic to cut it? I have a custom project that I need to make using mirrored acrylic and, to be honest, it kind of terrifying! Do I need to mask it if it’s mirrored?

Hi, it comes already with the front plastic protection, so what I do, I cut it from the back so it doesn’t make the burn marks at the back! Once you remove the plastic after cutting it, will be perfect!

But REMEMBER to mirror your design as you are cutting from the back of it! :hugs:

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That’s awesome! Thank you. Can I engrave the back?

I only engrave mirror acrylic at the back… and the engraving doesn’t need to be too strong as it just need to remove the mirrored part .

Again, remember to mirror the design so it looks right when seeing from the front :slight_smile:

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@cordioli hi please where do you get your mirror acrylics from? I’m UK based and ordered a glowforge few weeks ago. Difficult getting materials☹️

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If you read the discussion, that info is posted above.

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Do you mind sharing your engraving settings?
I am currently using the laserBits Mirrored Acrylic form JohnsonPlastics.

1/8” thick Extruded