Calamity Ganon Tapestry from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The biggest engrave I’ve done to this point was roughly the same size. If not a tad larger, it was 15 coasters engraved over their full surface. For that one I exported the engrave area as an image and then brought it back into inkscape. I gave that a try and still no luck. I’ve got a few more tricks up my sleeve but I’m slowly running out of ideas. I even tried dropping the size of the engrave to 16 inches wide to see if that made any difference.
Maybe the glowforge team will up the complexity of designs we can engrave some day and I’ll be able to do it then. I hope I don’t have to wait for that though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm I almost want to send you my file and see if the same issue persist.

Woah!!! This is rad!

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Shoot me a pm and we can try! I’m wondering if different versions of Inkscape are making the engrave more or less complex! Mine having slightly more nodes is my main theory for why it’s not working

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I’ll send over the PDF tonight when I’m home from work. I really want to experiment with why it’s working on my machine and not in yours. Internet may be an issue. We have a gigabit so our internet speed usually saves us on big stuff

That is one of my tests for today. I’m going to try to tether my phone and use that to connect the machine to the internet. I’m in a detached garage but I DO have a pretty stable wifi connection out there most times

The tethering did not work unfortunately! I’ll get this some day!