Calamity Ganon Tapestry from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

If anyone has played 500+ hours of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild like I have, you will recognize this piece as the Calamity Ganon Tapestry that explains the history of Hyrule.

We used a beautiful piece of Proofgrade Walnut, a lot of paint, and a lot of patience to make this piece really shine!

It wouldn’t be a WhenGeeksCraft post if we didn’t post a video showing how we made it :smiley:

Happy making!
Nicole Christianson


Impressive geekiness at work!


i like to think so :slight_smile: lol

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Truly amazing, as all your builds are. It was like watching a fine Persian carpet being made. I’ve never used those model paints but they must work great for this as I don’t see any issues with paint peeling up with the masking like acrylics do, or paint wicking into the surrounding wood like oil or alcohol based paints do.


My fam would wig out. I am the only one not playing that game. Even the 4yo has started playing and loves it. (Yea, I know, bad parenting.) I’ve been tasked with making a master sword for Halloween as well.

Great piece! Inspiring!


Vallejo paints work great when you cannot clean the engrave. They are so vibrant they don’t care they are being put on burnt wood and they don’t fade.


I call that the best parenting!!! It’s a great game and everyone should try!! Thank you :wink:

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This is amazing! Great job! I’m not quite at 500 hours yet, but still recognized it!

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Thank you!!!

Exceptional as always!!!

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I love this project. I find using your tutorial I get so far and then the glowforge app stops, saying “print stopped, unable to complete print”
Is there anything you did to your settings to make the print load successfully?


Yes! good question lol

In the instructable, I wrote,
Save your work as an .SVG and a .PDF
** TIP : I use a Glowforge laser cutter, the .SVG file works, it’s just large at around 150,000 vector nodes. Using a .PDF worked just a bit faster while saving my sizing.*

I was able to get the file to load ONCE using the .SVG but after waiting what felt like a year, I decided to save it as two pdfs since I already made it a high-quality image.

One for the frame and one for the art. I brought them in and laid them on top of each other so the cut and engrave lined up.

PDF was a lot less cumbersome on the glowforge’s brain.

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Also if you plan on painting it…the proof grave masking tape its amazing and stopped all paint bleed on the proofgrade walnut ply. i was SHOCKED


Really good to know!
I was going to try it on cherry!.
In my version I was going to cut it out with a 0.5 inch border around the outside and then CNC a frame for it. I’m hoping that will work nicely.

I notice my first attempt defaulted to draft engrave. Is that what you used or was it the SD engrave?

OHHH MAN. Cherry will look beautiful! I am so excited to see what you come up with! What do you plan on putting on the frame?! I am out of space in my house for a CNC but im so interested in them!

I used what ever defaulted for a PDF on a engrave on proofgrade maple ply. I ran the engrave from my husbands account so i cant hop into the App to see what settings i used for it right now but i do know it was what was defaulted!


WHOAAAAAAAAA! This is amazing!


Very cool


Thank you!

I was thinking a fairly plain frame maybe out of 3/4 inch walnut with a slight round over on the edges. Right now I’d just be happy if the thing printed! I’m having absolutely no luck loading the file even with your advice

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Even the PDF?!! I had no issues with that one. It’s large but it’s not that insane as a PDF. Do you normally have issues with large engraves?