Calibrating issues **UPDATE**

I know not another one…

I reset router, re configured wifi.

What sucks is I did a search on this forum and almost all the ones that would have been helpful get closed with no resolution for us to see. They get email what to do.

My calibration keeps getting the “wifi interupted” so no changes were made.

My wifi signal is strong I starting to wonder if its something in the software on my machine?

I can use my machine but its not cutting all the way through on Proof Grade materials and I am unable to use the autofocus feature which i really need.

Any help would be great.

Have you cleaned all the lens? That’s always been my issue when I have issues of not cutting all they way through. Depending on what I am cutting I clean them every couple of cuts…

Check out #5:

That’s because they don’t read the pinned post, so they send an email to support and then open a duplicate ticket by also posting here, so the one here gets closed. I’ve made it my mission to try to educate people not to do that and make us suffer for it, but it doesn’t seem like I’ve made any headway over the years!

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The calibration sends a whole BUNCH of signals, so if your WiFi is weak at all it’ll fail. I know at least one person was only able to get the calibration to work using a phone hotspot - despite using the :glowforge: perfectly well with their home WiFi.

Can you try that?

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no we switched to unlimited data and with that you cant use phone as a hot spot with at&t
I will need to move glowfore next to modem them put back in my office i guess

Thanks everyone

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I have unlimited data with AT&T and am able to use my phone as a hot spot. I think we pay a little for the hot spot capability, but it’s super cheap.


So i brought my Glowforge and put it right next to the wifi and internet service
I had my Laptop on top of my glowforge so signal should not have been an issue

Still same thing is happening, wifi signal disconnected.

Could it be a software issue?
Before I open a ticket in the other post area i want to cover all my bases here.
Thanks for the help

also why isn’t there a way to connect the glowforge via a LAN cable that would take care of all of this i would think.

I also connected a LAN cable to my laptop on the final try but that didn’t seem to matter either.

One more thing. To do the pass through you it seems it has to do an autofocus before it prints the first pass. Well since I cant calibrate my glowforge I cant even do a pass through file.
Hatting life right now

thanks for the help

Ditto. It’s an extra $10/mo in CT.

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