Calibrating takes forever

after using GF, should the awaiting calibrating function arise, it will not complete, even after half an hour or more. have to exit or refresh the page which eliminates all current settings/uploads. not a big issue for new projects, but additional artwork engraving for the original piece is lost.

and the camera is not sufficiently accurate to line up new art with the old, already engraved. the only procedure found to align properly is to make all artwork 12x20 area, making the drawing software do all the placements (save as separate pieces of art since the browser based software crap will not always separate the pieces - important when using different engrave/score/cut settings). laborious.

both the extended/permanent wait for calibration and alignment are both annoying as hell.

Are you actually seeking help or just venting?

My initial calibration takes at most a couple of minutes - which is normal, expected and the same as the majority of people.

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12x20 method won’t even save you here. Jigging is the only way to be sure to within a kerf. As you said, laborious. Not to get too far off topic, but… If only GF would add a pause action, it would make jigging so much easier. It’s not like we’ve been asking for it for months or anything…

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If you are cutting out artwork that you have just engraved the way to do it is to put the cut line and the artwork embedded in the same SVG.

The original advertising implied it would be easy to cut around existing artwork because of the precise camera alignment but I don’t think that will ever materialise and the advertising has changed to no longer imply it will.

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venting since there appears to be not real solutions, only workarounds

Your calibration time is excessive, for sure. I think there have been some posts about poor wifi connectivity causing unusually long calibration?

I’d imagine you’ve already tested your wifi thoroughly, but in case you haven’t, maybe worth a shot? Standard “get a better wifi signal here” sort of troubleshooting applies, moving your router and/or GF closer together, moving antennae, adding an extender or a mesh, etc.

In my case, my solution involved an old router I had laying around and a really long ethernet cable. I setup a completely separate wifi network on the new router, which is a good bit closer than my primary network. I’ve had great luck since then – I get around 40 megabits on my phone right next to the GF… it’s an N router, so at best I’d see about 60 megabits, so I think that’s pretty good.

At the very least if you haven’t reset your router in a while it might be worth bouncing it and seeing how it goes. You know how wifi routers get, sometimes they need a good rebooting.

Anyway, sorry it’s being difficult. When it works, it’s a great machine, but that’s no good if you’re seeing this on a regular basis.

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Actually the advertising was changed to show the current state of the machine because people new to the purchase weren’t aware some features we’re still under development and others took the continued use of the target feature set as false advertising and proof of nefarious intent. Dan posted the reason for the change a couple of months ago.

Now that they’ve changed it to current capabilities the same people see it as proof of nefarious intent because they’re seen to be reneging on the original promise.

But I guess that shouldn’t be surprising.

Do you think they will achieve any of the advertised super powers before the warranty expires? Before the tubes wear out? Before they fold?

Progress is so slow it looks like they only have one developer doing everything.

Progress has been painfully slow on the UI. They said the devs were busy helping in the factory, I’m guessing that excuse is getting thin.
They have not been able to implement one of the most requested features, (custom materials)yet a very clever user seems to have written an extension in a week or two by himself.
I’m actually kind of peeved about this.

Where are the improvements on precision alignment? Is the head camera ever going to work for us?

To be clear, it is for the most part a joy to work with, I just think it’s time to start exceeding our expectations.


I had a problem with calibration taking a long time. I cleaned off the camera and the top of the head (where the logo is), and the problem went away. I don’t know if you are experiencing the same thing or something different.


I like that :slightly_smiling_face:

As a company moves into sustainability mode it’s got to distinguish itself from the pack and the “new kid” awesome aura dissapates - new customers weren’t here for the formative years and just want to be satisfied. It would be great if exceeding our expectations became routine :slightly_smiling_face:


@lazlo666, any progress on fixing calibration on your end?

negative. the only “calibration” is turning the unit off, waiting a couple minutes and restarting…which of course loses all the artwork already setup. I engrave in sections…allows for fine tooth adjustments of the laser speed/strength over the same area. the laser does a great job of lasing the same area…IF there is not a need to align the project again.

I align in software (Illustrator or Photoshop) with same size drawings and move the artwork for engraving/cutting/scoring with the software document…

for example… an eye might need more or less strength on the laser than some other parts of a drawing. since the never-sufficiently-damned browser software doesn’t consistently separate out Illustrator paths (with or without grouping), I have to run the glowforge multiple passes to yield the effect I want.


Just change the fill color and it’s a separate object.

And all of the set up artwork? I’m confused. It should be saving that as you go.