Calibration and lack of material

I’ve just done the calibration process and it got all the way to 98% then told me it failed.

While this is frustrating it could be resolved by putting in a second piece of proofgrade draftboard if it weren’t my last piece and I didn’t live in the UK.

When oh when are you going to start shipping proofgrade to the UK? AND why did you make it need proofgrade for the calibration if you’re not able to send it to all your customers?

I love the machine but feel like I’m getting a raw deal due to my location.

You can put fresh white paper masking tape on it (couple of layers) and try again, or just turn it over and use the back side if you haven’t burned all the way through.

Or if you have a flat sheet of any material that is light colored and completely covers the cutting area of the bed (especially at the front) you can also run it on that. (Baltic birch, framing mat board, MDF with masking on it…etc.)


Just make sure it works well with the default draftboard score power as you cannot change that.


If you post over in the original thread, the development team can check your logs and find out what happened. The regular support team is not supporting this yet, as it’s still in beta.


Oh no! I’m sorry for the frustration. The team is working hard to enable the shop for International Proofgrade purchases. Unfortunately, it’s not available yet.

The recalibration feature is in Beta and support is only available at this community post.