My Glowforge order is stuck on Calibration



Are you saying that the shipment order is stuck in California? Most likely not but I don’t know what the word “order” refers to.


Zfam is attempting humor.


I’ve been in problem solving mode all day cranking out stuff for the both of my 3D printers so I totally missed that.


When did you get a second 3D printer? (Oh wait…very slow today…never mind.) :smile:


See, I made a funny too!


Yup! Got me! :smile: I’m gonna blame the leather fumes…Man! I don’t know how Drea and Morgan do it! My whole house is stanky, and I had to wait till hubs left.


So what are you making from up cycled hamburger wrappers?


Chuckle! Right now, I’m makin’ a mess. Eventually hope to learn to do something a little more attractive… :smile:

(Don’t know that leather is ever going to be my thing, but I’ve got a few sheets to learn on.)