Call for Seattle-area makers!

Since many of you already make amazing things…I’d love to see you as a fellow participant at the 2016 Seattle Mini Maker Faire here in Glowforge’s hometown!

The faire will be held on September 17-18, 2016 (Application Deadline: June 20) at EMP Museum and the Next 50 Plaza of Seattle Center. You can apply here: APPLY!

Questions? Let me know!


I’ll be in Seattle for a wedding Aug 20…anything going on locally at that time??

Thank you for the reminder about the deadline! I’ve been debating about whether or not to apply, but did not realize that the deadline was looming so close. Guess I’d better make up my mind already :wink:


Get up to Canada already!! We have faires and stuff… mostly snow, but occasional faires.


Any chance Glowforge will have a presence at Portland’s Mini Maker Faire the weekend before?

Not planning to be there at this point, I’m sorry!

Good excuse to get myself up to Seattle, then! :smiley: