Call of the Glowforge…

Having just spent three weeks across the Pacific some 7,800 miles away, I suppose it’s chronic that the eye doesn’t stop looking for things to Glowforge.

A shop caught my attention for the miniature dioramas displayed at its window and the Glowforge neurals started lighting up on how much of that could be done on the machine back home…

Another window ran a looping video screen of a kit deploying a unique technique. I’m quite familiar with traditional cloisonné, and while this is not that… it feels like a distant cousin (twice removed) to the process: Using a board that’s clearly been (laser) scored to create a line image, those grooves are partway embedded with (brass?) wire. The cordoned regions are painted to create these results…

And a few days after returning, a commercially-made diorama (series) spotted on YouTube that caught my Glowforging eye…

Now where did the 10-year-old me leave that Matchbox® Green Javelin??


The Japanese are really proficient at creating tiny things. I love looking at their work.


Dioramas are always cool, and I dig the wire embed and paint. Might have to try a variation of that sometime. thx


Love the faux cloisonne work! It still requires quite the artist’s hand to get those lovely variations in the paint/resin!


Exactly, mine would look more like paint by numbers. :slight_smile: But I’ve had decent results blending colors and fading them with UV cure resin. So that’s what I would like to try.


Looking closer at the ‘Van Gogh’ one, the paint “texture” almost looks like a technique where some glue is brushed in and maybe colored coarse sand is sprinkled in? :man_shrugging:

Certainly would be a jumping-off point to try new things.


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