Calling all slate lovers......!


The latest offerings in slate from Johnson Plastics;


Oooh… nice selection!

A little bit pricier than Michael’s (or other craft stores), but much better selection and the quality of the machining looks better.


Does anybody else have shipping issues with them? My purchase came to $7.75 and the cheapest shipping (UPS) is $34.28. Do they know Alaska is part of the US? I just bought 2 gallons of epoxy from a company in OR and they put it in a flat rate box; less than $10.00 to get here. I see so much I want to purchase. Is there something I am missing?


I haven’t had an issue like that, but that’s not to say others have not. That is indeed, really steep postage for that. I do know that they ship stuff from different parts of the country. Three things that I just ordered were sent from Arizona, (maybe) Minnesota…and a third state. I didn’t even know a $10 flat rate box even existed. Even one of the smaller ones I’ve used was over $13.


I get my slate from an architectural salvage place in Baltimore called Second Chance. They’re old roofing shingles and cheap!


Maybe they gave me a break, it was $9.87. We have lots of problems getting stuff shipped up here, it’s silly.


Thanks for the link!


Feeling your pain, the USVI is a “local” USPS address (state = VI) but a International Address to UPS/DHL/FedEx. It makes me crazy…


Cool! Nice find.


I have been hesitating putting in my next Johnson Plastics order for feat that I’ll buy way too much. That’s where I buy mugs for sublimation. I already have a bunch of their faux leather items sitting in my shopping cart. I’ll very likely include some of these as well.