Came across this laser cut puzzle book!

Codex Silenda Project

Codex Silenda KickStarter

If he does Kickstarter that… I will absolutely have to back it at whatever level gets you design files along with the book itself (I only assume the physical book is the lower tier reward, and compulsory at all higher tiers. I really just want the files.)


Thats right @jacobturner it would be nice to have this book, but it would be great to create one with the glowforge. I definitely will support this project.


It could become a work of art with the right materials.


I can imagine producing something like that with a GF. What I can’t imagine is the time, effort, skill, and patience it would take to make one by hand.

Just like a junior “Pandorica”


I am definitely following!


THIS is the reason for my buying a GF. :thumbsup:


Yea i wouldn’t mind having this also. The design files is what everybody is going for I’m assuming. I’ll be keeping an eye on this. :ok_hand:


That is pretty freaking awesome.