Camera is BLURRY

So I’ve seen posts about blurry camera’s and since I haven’t seen a post since last year I was wondering if anyone has found a fix? GF wants me to send in my GF at a cost of $200 SH and then an additional $400-$1000 to get it fixed.

My 1 year warranty expired in May 2020 and now I’m stuck with no real solution other than to fork out more money. I’ve seen posts from all the way back to 2018 regarding blurry camera’s. GF is slacking on the solution department as well as replacement parts.

Not trying to be dramatic, just upset because I’m a home based business and I need to be able to use my laser in order to make products to sell.

Anyone figure to solution to the blurry camera problem. HELP!

All cameras are blurry. Not sure how that warrants a repair. It doesn’t affect operation of the machine other than not being able to read the QR code on proofgrade material sometimes.

Posting here opens a support ticket, so they’ll probably close it if you’re already in discussion about this via email.

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Did you check the camera to see if it was loose? Does the lens rotate? As @eflyguy said, mine is blurry too. What are you trying to do that the blurring affects?

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How is having a blurry camera not warrant a repair? A $5000+ laser should have a camera that lasts longer than 1 year.

@eflyguy’s point is that the machine’s accurate function doesn’t depend on a perfect focus from the camera. Mine is a bit out of focus too, when it isn’t directed to focus on a specific depth.
You might try using the “set focus” tool under the three-dot dropdown menu, set the brackets on the QR code, and see if that helps.
Not recognizing the QR code on proofgrade materials certainly wouldn’t prompt me to spend that kind of money. You can manually select the material from the search dialog box.
Do check if the camera is glued so that it doesn’t rotate like @ovm.steve suggested, we have seen that happen before.

I see this is your first post here, Welcome! Have you gone through the Camera Calibration?

Since release of the set focus tool, I don’t specify material at all. I haven’t hardly touched my calipers since, just set the focus and enter the operation parameters manually.


Also, if you’re able to upload a screenshot of what you are seeing, that might be helpful. Mainly because ‘blurry’ has different meaning to different people…


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