Camera Necklace

As my daughter walked out the door on the way to the movies with a friend she said, “Since you’re playing with your laser today, can you make me a camera necklace?” Sure! I have a laser. Little did she know I also have white acrylic with gold, from Inventables. Oh, oops - am I allowed to use non-proofgrade in this category? The material is part of the $50 coupon if that helps.

Now… what was I supposed to be doing other than playing with my laser? Oh, clean out the attic… that can wait.

My daughter received it last night (2/12/18), and modeled it. Although chain is kind of short. Now, she wants a matching tattoo… 4 more years dear, 4 more years.


You’re good to put anything you make on your Glowforge in here. Just don’t mention settings or someone will burn their house down.


Rotors mentioned settings. Rotors mentioned settings. Nanny nanny neener.

Joking aside, that looks like a cool outcome @rpratt with the two-tone.