Camera parallax found art



The 12-year-old was doodling on a sheet of cardboard that had some masking tape on it, and a trace position the engrave a fraction of an inch off from the sharpie lines. (Also, power was too low to zap all the way through the tape)

It’s got a weird 3D-ish drop shadow effect going on that I think is actually pretty cool. Somebody who actually has any artistic skills (not me) might be able to employ this to get some really interesting and nice-looking results.




Oops. Not a very good photo, but you should get the idea:

(With flash was too shiny, without was too blurry.)


Ah I see what youre saying. That is kinda cool. Thanks for posting the photo!


It’s a hopping bunny rabbit, right?


Hey, I think I’ve seen that bunny before…he’s disguised himself in blue…

The best death in movie history.

Disguise … they are devious like That! Ha!