Camera Project

I wanted to share progress on a project I’m working on. It is still very much in the prototyping phase but I’m pretty happy with the progress so far and it is fully functional.

The project is a Planar Stitching Back adapter for cameras. For about 20 years I have been creating my photographs by stitching together many smaller images captured using a Spherical Panorama Head, a very simple device that rotates the camera around the point inside the lens where there is no parallax. Recently I wanted to try doing planar stitching. This is just shifting the camera sensor while keeping it parallel to the lens plane.

The idea was to create an adapter that could be mounted to different cameras and allow me to use a very small mirrorless camera to capture the images for stitching.

Stitching is simply dividing the scene into smaller parts and then combining them into one larger image.

There are three components to this.

  • Camera Adapter
  • Composing Back
  • Stitching Back

The adapter is attached to the camera and allows me to mate the composing back and the stitching back.

The composing back is like the ground glass on a view camera or the focusing screen inside an SLR. It just allows me to frame and compose the scene.

Then the stitching back is swapped in place of the composing back with the mirrorless camera mounted to it. The stitching back allows you to index or move the camera into one of 8 positions. Each one perfectly aligned and comprising 1/8th of the entire scene. The 8 images are combined in software into one larger image

Although it’s in prototype it is fully functional and works really well. To complete it, I need to devise a more practical way to attach all the pieces. I may end up using locating pins and magnets or something like that.

A stitched image.


This is brilliant. I used to shoot 8x10 and 5x7, I would coat various items with emulsion, dry and experiment (long before digital). I had a huge darkroom with several enlargers doing additive, subtractive, B/W and slides. I sure miss film, the smell of the developers… ah, those were the days. That being said man I sure do love the economics of digital :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I shot with a 4x5 for 35 years. I never expected digital to replace or even come close to the look of large format. For me, stitching is all about trying to create images that approach the feeling of large format. In effect, I’m only simulating medium format with this, but it is still so much nicer. What I wouldn’t give for a 4x5 digital back.

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One of my favorites, 4x5 Graflex. A digital sensor that size, with the quality they are producing now… a person can dream.

Ooh, I love photography projects! This is awesome. I think I have a panosaurus somewhere to help eliminate parallax, but haven’t used that in a while. Love that you used the :glowforge: to help come up with a solution!


Wow, that’s amazing. I still shoot a bunch of film formats, and I’ve been thinking about similar digital options.

Interesting concept. In days past I 3D printed a pinhole lens board from my 4x5. It had a built in shutter and interchangeable brass shims to change the pinhole. I had fun experimenting with multiple apertures.

Looking forward to see your project progress.


I hope you will share more of your finished photos. This is certainly an interesting application for the Glowforge.

It just came flooding back… Fun times!


Wow, that is very impressive, as is the photo you shared…thank you!

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I believe you might be a photographer. Great project!!