Camera recalibration issue

So my camera is very blurry so I tried to recalibrate but keep getting the error “the process was interrupted, so no changes were made to your calibration”. I’m going through draftboard like crazy. Has anyone had this error? I didn’t want to create a ticket if it was a simple fix. I’ve restarted the GF, unplugged in for 15 minutes, tested WiFi and all seems good.

No reason for another chunk. Just re-mask the same one and use again.


Have you cleaned the lens on the camera in the lid? If so and it is still blurry like this i dont think running the calibration will help and you might need to create a support ticket.

im not very smart lol… :frowning: thanks for the suggestion

The calibration seems to be even more sensitive to wifi issues than normal. Using a cell phone hotspot has gotten some people through it successfully after this error.

I’m not sure whether the blurriness will affect it or not. I’d give it a try.

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yeah it’s really bad. Yeah I bought some whites specifically for camera lens. I’ve had so many issues since I got this last week. I’m depressed

Sorry. You bought this used if I remember correctly. Sometimes that is a bumpy road.

brand new. but it sat in temperature controlled garage for over a year. The box was never opened. You can tell when something has never been opened and the foam and things have never been removed.