Camera recalibration - Material (Draftboard not available)

Hello, I’ve searched but have not found a definitive answer to my question.

To perform the ‘official’ documentation for re-calibration there is mention to use proofgrade draftboard.

Proofgrade draftboard is not available but I am in need of re-calibrating.

What to do?

Thank you,

You can use any material that is cut to the 12 X 20 Glowforge size requirement. People have had success with cardboard, mdf, or other plywood.


I use cardboard. It MUST be perfectly flat, however.

You could get MDF cut down at the local hardware store if you don’t have anything else on-hand.


Thank you both… I wasn’t sure if it had to be a certain height to work…

I am guessing as long as it’s cut to the same size as the draftboard sold here… (12x20) it’ll be good.

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